The concept of “Living History” involves using the artifacts of the period by trained staff in period clothing (that means US !) to show how things worked in their normal setting.

We use original artifacts where possible to recreate a WWII camp or field environment where we can do those mundane tasks that the soldiers did in training or in combat.   When we have the time, we can show these tasks as we go about our day – cleaning rifles, cooking, pitching a tent – whatever a G.I. might have done.

One of our ‘essential’ duties is the organization and conducting of the annual Memorial Day ceremonies at Tennessee Pass in Colorado.   Started by the veterans in 1958, they asked us to continue this tradition as they faded from the scene.  With the help fom the Tenth Mountain Foundation, we have continued this tradition for more than 25 years, and plan to do so for years to come.  This is a Class A event for us – a chance to put on our dress uniform and to show what we can do.   We have had as many as 500 people from the community attend, along with surviving veterans, active duty soldiers and descendants – this is a big deal.  Military units have joined us – from as far away as Fort Drum, NY – the home of the modern 10th Mountain Division (L.I.)!  Past participants have also included 4ID, 10 SF Gp.(A), HAATS Center, 1-157 Mountain Infantry and others.

One of our more popular offerings is called a Staff Ride.  This is a guided tour through the Camp Hale military reservation, from the point of view of a WWII soldier.  Patterned after the U.S. Army’s program, we address the challenges of the day, and ask how they might be handled with today’s technology or social interactions.  When done for military units, both pre-work and post ride discussions can be facilitated.   Rides can be as short as 2 hours, and can last multiple days, depending on the needs of the organization.

At times where visitor exposure is limited, like in a school, we can revert to a show-and-tell format, where we explain what the visitor wants to know in simple terms.  We hit the high points, and gloss over many of the fun details we have learned, so our guests have something they can take away.

We can even offer a PowerPoint lecture series on various topics, depending on the audience and topic.   Sometimes a lecture or classroom setting is what is available, and like a good soldier, we can adapt.

If one of these offerings meets the needs of your school, public gathering or group, contact us to arrange a visit.