Like any organization, we count on volunteers to make things happen.

You are invited to join us on this journey of discovery.  Like any journey, it’s a trip, but the destination is always changing.  This trip is your chance to learn whatever it is that interests you at the time – Home Front stories, military life, weapons, cooking, military customs or even how to pitch a tent in the snow.   It’s your journey – make it what you want it to be.

What you need:

Let’s start with the basics 

If you want to do the Living History piece, you will need…

      • You will need a uniform or period clothing.  Our uniform standards can be found elsewhere on this site.
      • You will need to research WWII grooming standards.  Purple hair, beards and facial tattoos were NOT the norm during the War!  Your attention to detail here can either improve or ruin a visitor’s experience.
      • You may need a weapon, but it is not required.  However, you will be around weapons in the display.   Please understand this up front and discuss your concerns early.

What interests you?

      • If you like cooking, you might like our Field Kitchen
      • If you enjoy firearms, we have an extensive Arms display
      • If you like communications, you might add to our Signal Corps exhibit
      • If construction or building sounds fun, our Engineers section could be of interest
      • Medically inclined?   Maybe our First Aid Station is for you
      • Like to sew?  Most of our uniforms need tailoring and minor repairs, or we have Red Cross knitting patterns available.

Haven’t found your interest yet?   Use your imagination, and tell us what you want to do.   We can help you find your spot…

Want to help, but wearing old smelly wool clothes doesn’t sound like fun?  We also need a web designer (this page is far from perfect), or someone who can create signage, or folks who can help us put up and take down displays, or drive our truck & trailer, or people who can talk to folks about what we do.   What would you like to do to help us?

Who to call:

Start by dropping us an email at  Then we can chat online, talk on the phone or set up a visit with a local member – whatever you need!