Here is where you get to step up to the line and say:  “I CAN DO THAT!”

Stephanie Heinz of Denver tried on a 10th Mountain Hut Division medic’s helmet in Lionshead Village in Vail. David Little, right, a 10th Mountain Division historian from Colorado set up a display to educate the public about the history and accomplishments of these mountain soldiers. (Oktoberfest – Vail Celebration) 1996

This can be a fun, exciting hobby that will keep you entertained for years to come.  You will learn about things you have never thought of, as well as explore areas that you’ve always enjoyed.  There is NO attendance requirement, so if you cannot attend any events, you are still welcome to become a member.    We do offer an incentive to attend events, though.

We invite you to participate at an event or two at no cost, so you can see what “Living History” is all about.  “Try It – You’ll Like It!”

To get started, send us an email, and we will link you with a local member to learn more about us. While we have annual dues, we DO NOT want your money for the first year. We would like you to join us at a few events so you can see what we do and how you will fit in. (Nothing is more frustrating than investing time and money into something you don’t enjoy.)