There is so much information and so little time.  We will try to apply a like order to the chaos, but feel free to help us get better at what we do.  The “Tenth Mountain Family” is a confederation of organizations that together address several different aspects of the story.  Below is a list of each, a link to the website, and some clarification of what each organization does.


    • Tenth Mountain Division Foundation, Inc – the financial side of the WWII veterans’ legacy.  This organization is a source of scholarships, memorials and other good works as funded by our veterans and others.    This group strives to be an umbrella (or more accurately a foundation) that other organizations can build upon.
    • National Association of the 10th Mountain Division – the fraternal side of our veterans’ activities.  The Association sponsors reunions, social activities (including virtual events), scholarship for children of the veterans and serves the modern 10th Mountain Division (L.I.) soldiers and their families, as well as that of the WWII veteran.   Also offering direct support for our veterans and their families, the Association is usually the first contact a veteran or active duty soldier has.    In the years following WWII, this association was one of the largest and most active of any WWII combat veterans’ association.
    • Tenth Mountain Descendants – the children and grandchildren of our WWII veterans spent time at the knee of their fathers – learning to ski and to share that love of the outdoors.   As those veterans aged, their kids have formed bonds of their own – friendships borne not in combat, but sharing that kinship their fathers forged.  For more than 50 years, these children of the summit have joined together to keep the story alive!
    • 10th Mountain Division Hut Association – started as an informal way to enjoy the Camp Hale area after the war, the “HUTS” have grown into a signature Colorado experience to be enjoyed both Summer and Winter, and features 13 Tenth Mountain huts and more than 20 other privately owned huts in the area.  Aligned roughly along the Colorado Trail, these offer a unique experience in the mountain West!
    • Tenth Mountain Division Living History Display Group – this is the group that provides public displays & loanable exhibits for museums and libraries.  Started by the son of a 10th Mountain soldier, they (we) use original uniforms and equipment to show how the WWII soldiers did their job.
    • Tenth Mountain Resource Center – a joint project of the Denver Public Library and History Colorado, this project provides a resource for the preservation of 2 dimensional artifacts (at DPL) like photos, letters, maps and film and 3 dimensional items (at HC) like uniforms, equipment and captured items.  Both organizations also have oral histories that help put these items in perspective.  Both organizations now have curators on staff dedicated to these collections.
    • 10th Mountain & Ft Drum Museum – this is the US Army’s museum, with a primary focus on the modern 10th Mountain Division (L.I.) since 1985.   On post at Ft Drum, NY,  this museum does exhibit pieces from the Division’s WWII history, most of the focus is on more modern contributions to our Country’s history.
    • Colorado Snow Sports Museum – a museum telling the story of snow sports in Colorado, this museum offers possibly the most complete exhibit on the WWII 10th Mountain Division to be found anywhere.   Located in Vail, CO (the town that the 10th built), this museum does a great job of sharing the 10th’s impact on the ski industry.

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